Run for Office


Step 1: Review

Review the rules and guidelines for being an officer first. Discuss with your advisor(s), guardian and school administrators the dates and commitments required for being an officer prior to applying. 

Step 2: Apply

Print the officer/advisor agreement forms and have them signed by all required parties. Use the resume template provided to create a one-page resume to display your achievements. Complete the online application and upload supplemental documents directly to the application. 
Note: Nothing should be mailed to the state office. The full application will all be completed online, and forms will be uploaded to the application.

Completed applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on December 2, 2019. 

Step 3: Prepare

You will be required to give a one minute speech during the House of Delegates meeting at the region conference, on Texas FCCLA: Our Legacy, Your Future. Do not mention yourself or what FCCLA has done for you. Following the speech, candidates will be asked one thought question and one fact question.

Prepare to take a test at the House of Delegates meeting over FCCLA knowledge. The test will include a wide variety of topics such as general facts about the association, competitive events, different program, communication, and Parliamentary Procedure. 

Review the resources below to prepare for the officer candidate test. 


Step 4: Run!

Ensure you are registered for your specific region conference and attend the House of Delegates meeting the Friday afternoon of the conference. Give your speech and take the test and you are on your way to becoming an Texas FCCLA officer. If your chapter has not registered for the conference yet, you may do so below. 

Example of what to expect at the House of Delegates meeeting...


Leadership Team Opportunity

Who is on the team?

Any regional officer candidate that is not selected to represent the region as an officer at the regional leadership conference. The Leadership Team will meet in September before the school year begins for leadership development, paid by the association.

Leadership Team Members:

  • Will receive a name badge identifying them as Leadership Team

  • Must wear black slacks/red polo and name tag

  • Will receive free registration at the region conference

  • Will be introduced on stage as Leadership Team

  • Must pay own expenses for travel to the meeting (travel with local chapter)


Possible Duties include:

  • Attend the executive council meeting with officers at the region conference.

  • Usher at general sessions of region conferences.

  • Help with Leadership workshops at region conferences

  • Assist in running the FCCLA store at region conferences.

  • Assist with project display oversight

  • Monitor FCSA and other tests at region conferences

  • Help check in lead consultants at region conferences

  • Help coordinate competitive event participants at region and state conferences

  • Assist wherever needed at region conferences

  • Will be given assignments at the state conference