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Alumni Council Officers, 2018-19

Carlos Cruz, President

Shelby Sheppard Kenyon, Vice-President of Leadership

Emajae' Clements, Vice President of Development

Amanda Brewer, Vice-President of Membership

Caroline Wakefield, Vice-President of University Relations

Myriam A. Garza, Vice-President of Public Relations

General inquiries:

Nominate an Alumni Member

• Nominations may be submitted by: any FCCLA state association, current Executive Council, current Board of Directors, state headquarters staff, an affiliated FCCLA chapter, or an Alumni & Associates member.

• Nominees may be any past member of the Texas FCCLA.

• A winner will be selected based on the committee’s evaluation of the given criteria. Committee decisions are final.

• The nominee(s) receiving the highest score will receive recognition.

• For award consideration, nominations must be submitted by February 1.

• The winner will be recognized at the State Leadership Conference and are asked to submit a photo for use in the printed program.


If you were a Texas FCCLA member and you want to continue the journey with other members, fill out the application below and submit your dues through the application form. Every Texas FCCLA  Alumni & Associate Member is required to pay a minimum $5 dues, however, you can donate more if you wish.