Family Consumer Sciences assessments (FCSA)

Family & Consumer Sciences Assessments are subject orientated objective tests offered to FCCLA members at Fall Leadership Workshops, Regional Leadership Conferences and at the State Leadership Conference.

  • Students may take any test at Fall Leadership Workshops, Region Conferences, and/or the State Conference, but may only take one test at each conference. Students do not advance from one level to the next.

  • Early registration is $10 per test, and regular registration is $15 per test.

  • Early registration deadlines correspond with the conference deadlines.

  • Registration will be done for all conferences in the electronic registration system.

  • Register for tests by chapter, not individual members.

  • Name changes for the registered test taker are acceptable and can be made on-site at test check-in.

  • There is no limit to the number of students from a chapter that can participate.

  • Students will check-in during the assigned test time, preferably check in as a chapter group, with preregistered students testing first and on site testers following.

  • Members will be required to be in proper FCCLA dress code to take the test.

  • All test takers need to bring two #2 pencils. Consumer Math testers may use a calculator.

  • If Competitive Event Participants choose to take a FCSA the competitive event schedule takes precedence. Competitive Event schedules and testing schedules will not be adjusted.