Springtown Porcupines- Beautiful Feet

Springtown Middle School students are having an impact on the world. This years chapter motto, has found FCCLA students traveling to Fort Worth, Texas to do just that. FCCLA Members have selected the Beautiful Feet Ministries organization as one area that they will have an impact on! The Beautiful Feet Ministries is an outreach ministry to the homeless in Fort Worth. They help meet both physical and spiritual needs of many everyday!

On Sunday, October 21st, the chapter members began this community service  project. Erin Hall first brought this project to the chapter as an area that she felt they needed to work with. Students helped by taking clothing requests, organized clothes and made bags to hand out to the homeless individuals that needed something. This will be an on going project that students will have the opportunity to collect items for donations as well as organize the donations and then help with the process of handing out clothing and other items to individuals in need.  Attending this event were Erin Hall, Dillon Wilson, Todd Smith, Isabelle Burnett, Lauren Brandt, and Amie White.  

On November 17th, another group from SMS FCCLA traveled to Beautiful Feet. This group took donations of clothes and blankets that had been donated. Upon arrival, the students sorted through these donations and many others  and organized them to be ready for distribution to those in need. This group included Erin Hall, Todd Smith, Lauren Brandt, Dillon Wilson, Heather Bailey and Tyson Roglin. Adults also attending to help students were Pat and Lisa Hall, Becky Smith, Amanda Bailey and FCCLA Advisor, Natalie Hill.

SMS FCCLA is looking forward to helping many more individuals this year by serving with Beautiful Feet.

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