Jim Ned FCCLA- Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins!

Community Service projects about at Jim Ned. Every year, Disability Resources, Inc., in Abilene holds a pumpkin patch fundraiser. DRI is a facility offering care and employment for developmentally disabled adults. They always need help unloading the trucks that arrive with hundreds of pumpkins. Several groups donate time to unload pumpkins. There are about 50 adults who benefit from the sale of the pumpkins, and volunteers work beside most of them to unload. The Jim Ned chapter chose to help out this year. The students left school at 4:30 to arrive at DRI the afternoon of October 2. They formed a line and worked hard for about 2 1/2 hours to get all those pumpkins unloaded. They were rewarded with dinner at Whataburger when they finished.

Jim Ned- Pumpkins2.jpg