Jim Ned FCCLA- Feed the Need

The Jim Ned chapter, focusing on Community Service, decided to expand a program that was started last year and completed only one month. After researching the number of free and reduced lunches offered in the district, the decision was made to provide 50 meals per month to people in the three communities that make up the Jim Ned district on a rotating basis. They have served once each in Buffalo Gap. Tuscola/Ovalo and Lawn. They will continue these meals through May. They have contacted local business who have donated food and supplies for the meals. Each community has approximately 300 people who live there. They are driven by Mrs. Watson and literally walk the streets, go up to homes, and ask if they would like to be blessed by a meal for the evening. Meals are given to each person in the household, whether it be 1 or 7 or more. They have been well received and the name of FCCLA has been spread throughout.

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