Friona FCCLA- Future Educator Conference

On November 13, five students from Mrs. Barnett's class, "Practicum of Education and Training", attended a workshop at Region 16 for high school students interested in pursuing education as a career.  About 250 students from the Amarillo area attended and 250 more will attend the February workshop.  These students learned about education requirements for college, scholarship opportunities, tuition loan forgiveness, employment benefits, and other rewards that come from a career in teaching. The Amarillo area has about 12,000 teacher positions and hires 400-500 new teachers every year. WTA&M alone is only graduating about 244 students with a teaching certificate per year, this includes traditional and alternative certifications. At these rates, education is in high demand.  Students, Allison Soltero, Gia Garcia, Natali Godinez, Rayna Clark and Vanessa Chavez were encouraged to set their future goals and excited about the benefits of having a career in education.  These FCCLA members returned to class motivated to write a resume as a first step toward their career.  These resumes will count toward their Power of One - Working on Working.

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