Devine FCCLA- Tooth Fairy

On November 20th Devine FCCLA members Karma Herring, Kelli Geyer and Kendall Marek presented to second graders at John J. Ciavarra Elementary about the importance of taking care of their teeth.  The girls taught 46 students a song about brushing their teeth, discussed the parts of the teeth and then let them color a picture of the Tooth Fairy.  Each student was given a chart to fill out each day that they brushed their teeth twice a day to share with their parents.  The team members will be returning in January to continue teaching the elementary students the best way to brush their teeth and also to extend their learning on oral health care.  They will also teach a lesson to the Intermediate School students on health care and making good choices for healthy foods to support that.

Devine- Tooth Fairy.jpg