Del Rio- Ninos Navideños

Del Rio Ram Chapter has done a lot for their community. A yearly event that stands out in particular is Ninos Navidenos. This event effects around 500 people in their community. It also relates to national programs power of one, and community service. Ninos Navidenos is a community event that welcomes families to receive toys for their children each year. FCCLA is the main organization that volunteers and gets other organizations involved too. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come, during the holidays it can be hard, and this is exactly why they love to participate in this community event in particular. They serve the families food, welcome them, and sit them. They also help set up the event and clean it up. In preparation for this event Del Rio Ram Chapter also gets the whole campus involved allowing them to also help the community, and donate toys to this event. This also gave them the opportunity to promote and publicize FCCLA to their peers and community. This chapter also host an event called bowling for Ninos where all school organizations are invited to come and bowl in a bowling tournament. All they have to do is bring a toy, which later gets donated to Ninos Navidenos. This past year Del Rio Ram Chapter donated so many toys, each child got to receive two toys each at the actual event.

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