West Brook High School- Your Life Matters!

On average 3,041 students grade 9-12 attempt to kill themselves every single day.

3,041. That’s enough to wipe out the entire West Brook community and then some.

Suicide unfortunately has become an epidemic in today’s society, especially with teens. West Brook FCCLA decided to have a Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week the last week of January called Your Life Matters. Suicide affects everyone it touches, it’s a ripple effect. Families, teachers, and friends. In November West Brook lost one of their own to suicide, it was tragic, and earth shattering. This is something that needs to be talked about among teens, this is something that we shouldn’t remain silent about, especially since it’s sweeping our Nation.

The WBHS FCCLA members created posters and a flyer to promote the week. They posted the flyer with information about the week around the school, and even sent it out in an email blast to the parents. They made bracelets with purple and turquoise which are the colors that represent Suicide, and distributed them to the school body. Members also painted hands of students during all lunches who were willing to help make a difference with this initiative. On Thursday after school FCCLA held an informative meeting where students taught other students the signs of Suicide and what to look for. The members of WBHS FCCLA also discussed what to do when suicidal thoughts were present within themselves. By communicating and working together a difference was made on the West Brook campus. At the end of the week a survey was completed by students and an increase in comfortably occurred, and most students said they learned vital information about Suicide. The whole point of this project was to show that the smallest of voices can make the biggest of changes, and West Brook FCCLA is working hard at that, and will continue to work passionately to help fight Suicide and raise awareness in our Beaumont community.