Springtown Middle School- One Can, Two Cans- You can, bring cans!

Springtown Middle School FCCLA has completed their 4nd Annual Food Drive to Fight Hunger in Our Community.  SMS FCCLA is in its fourth year as a chapter at SMS.  Their membership has increased this year and they have a total of 80 official members.  These students are busy planning community service projects to be carried out through out the year and preparing for Region II Leadership Conference in February where 10 teams will be competing in STAR (Students Taking Action for Recognition) Events. Their Food Drive Team is composed of  Maegan Hutchinson, Macy Chavez and Ashlyn McNorton.   "We have seen a need in our community and wanted to help make a difference for those less fortunate than us.”

Their chapter collected 2,000 items this year for the Local Food Bank. They set a goal of 3,000 and did not quite make it this year, but they are super excited that they can help their community with what was collected. While planning the food drive, they decided that to encourage their classmates to donate, that they would give prizes to the class with the most cans.  The top class would win a pizza party.  The student that individually brought the most would win a $20.00 Gift Card and the Teacher that brought the most items would  win a $25 gift card.  

"It was crazy to watch students and teachers bringing in their items to the building.  Some kids were even calling their parents to bring cans on the final day to help their class win." said Mrs. Hill. Mrs.Adams and her 8th grade class brought in 498 items to win the top class.  Mercy Burgess won the top student award and brought in 165 to help her class win.  The winning teacher and FCCLA Advisor  was also Mrs Adams 203 items for her class. She challenged her students and matched what they brought. "I'm pretty competitive but I do it mostly to challenge my students to give." said Mrs. Adams. All Items will be delivered to local food banks to be distributed to families that need help especially during the holiday season. 

They are excited to have the opportunity to teach their friends about community service and this provides a great opportunity to do just that. This year they had about 550 faculty, staff and students participate in this event. SMS FCCLA would also like to thank the Parents and community for their support in all projects and endeavors that they take on each year. 

Picture:  Mercy Burgess and Mrs. Adams with their Food Drive Team in Center, Aslyn McNorton, Maegan Hutchinson, and Macy Chavez.