Centerville FCCLA

Centerville High School FCCLA conducted a kindness campaign at Centerville Elementary School.  The kindness campaign was held as part of the STOP the Violence National FCCLA Program.  Elementary grade levels competed for the title of "Kindest Class".  FCCLA members held a contest to promote acts of kindness carried out by individual students.  As each act of kindness was carried out, students documented their act on a paper ornament that was then decorated.  Decorated paper ornaments were turned in and placed on the Kindness Tree located in the main hall of the elementary school. Participation was high throughout the school especially after the Grinch game for a visit and delivered paper ornaments for students to use as documentation of their kind acts! Each day progress was recorded and after 7 school days the 5th grade was awarded the title of "Kindest Class".