Be a Buddy- Not a Bully

FCCLA students have spent countless hours investing into the "Be a Buddy- Not a Bully" Program. Students create weekly slide shows, skits, announcements, posters and banners, which are shown at every school in the district.  These displays remind and inform students and teachers that "bullying comes in all shapes and sizes and we often use bullying to make ourselves feel better but in reality all we are doing is making everyone feel worse."  "Be a Buddy - Not a Bully" encourages students to discuss their social plans and issues at every age with their families. Officers also read anti-bullying books and perform skits at the elementary level and encourage students to always have a trusted adult on their side. Since inception, we have found the bullying issues at all campuses have been dramatically reduced, and as a district, we feel more committed and connected to each other.